Review about Fair And Lovely BB Cream

The fair & lovely bb cream gives a fairer look and even skin tone. But if your skin is dark tone then it might give you a non-natural look. I am using it since a month ago and believe me this cream is a miracle for the everyday makeup look. It brings the expertise and magic of foundation and yes multivitamins fairness cream.
This is all you get in one single tube, This cream is not like others in which you found so many shades and got confused about what to buy. Fair & lovely launched this cream in one single shade which is NUDE. It gives you a matte look and can easily blend on your skin. This cream smells like flowery and fruity mix type. The BB cream succeeds in coverage of spots and blemishes to give you a fairer even skin tone. 

The nudeness in this cream provides you a great and perfect non-makeup look. Also, it will stay for long 8 hours without giving you any oiliness or patches. The more you look natural, the more you look more confident. It doesn't matter what type of skin you have, this cream is just perfect for everyone.

However, it is less heavy which means your face looks like all natural and no one even recognizes that you actually wear a makeup.

This handy tube is perfect to buy, you can find it easily on any drugstores. Your perfect makeup look is just one step away. Grab your cream now!! This is actually a combination of foundation and fairness vitamins by which you do not need anything to apply on.

NOTE: wash your face completely with mild soap, pet it to dry and then apply the Fair and lovely bb cream. At last, make a splash of cold water ( this will allow the cream to stay longer ).


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