Facial Hair Removal Remedies

Hi everyone! I am back with some useful tips for your unwanted facial hairs, We ( girls ) suffer a lot for thinking about how to get rid of those dirty hairs on your face. Men are lucky on this, they don't need to clean those facial hairs, they grow as a beard. But we ( girls ) cant do this thing, sadly! Well don't feel down I have some remedies for you to get rid of those unwanted facial hairs in just 4 weeks. Those are effectfull ingredients which we can easily find in our kitchen. So here you go!

1. Besan ( gram flour) 
    Besan can not only satisfy our taste buds but can also keep all our skin problems away. Besan can be used with a combination of
½tsp turmeric
1tsp lemon juice
1tbsp besan
Water as required
Mix all the ingredients and make a fine paste, not too thin or thick. Apply it all over your face except eyes, leave it to dry for 20-25mins.  Wet your hands and Gently rub it in anti-clockwise by rubbing all your facial hairs will be removed with the mask. Use this remedy on daily basis for 4 weeks.
2. Baking soda 
    Baking soda is for exfoliating your skin deeply, it has absorbing properties which can easily absorb all your dirt and facial hair by making a thick paste of baking soda and water, apply it on your clean face and leave it to dry for 15-20mins, once it dry start rubbing gently in anti-clockwise. This will remove all your facial hairs, use this remedy twice a week for 4 weeks.
3. Finishing touch tweezer 
   Ok, so this is not a remedy 😉 this is an instant, pain-free facial hair removal that's safe and timeless. Its perfect for your tough day routine, its handy and lite weight. You can use it anywhere, just add batteries and ready to use.
4. Egg white 
    Egg white can tighten your skin and close large pores, open pores suck all dirt and pollution by which skin problems produce like facial hair, acne, and blackheads. Use 1 egg white whisk it nicely than directly apply on your face except for eyes, once you have done then apply tissues all over the mask, apply more egg white to cover up the tissues. Leave it dry for 25-30mins. Once it dries peel it off from downwards to upwards. Use this remedy once a week for 4 weeks.
5. Multani mitti ( fullers earth) 
    This is the effective remedy for all your skin problems. It has been used for ages in India, It has powerful nourishing properties which helps to get rid of facial hairs. Just soak a ¼peice of Multani mitti in rose water for overnight than stir and make a fine paste ( add water if required) paste must be fine, not too thin or not too thick. Apply it on your face and leave it to dry for 20-25mins. Wet your hands and gently rub this mask in anti-clockwise.

          Always remember to choose only 1 remedy for 4 weeks, if you not satisfying for the results than try to choose another one . I personally tried all the mention remedies and all are effective . !Thank You! 😘


  1. Thanks for sharing, will definitely try this, good job


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