How To Get Rid Of Pimples By Naturally !?

There Are Many Products On Every Drugstore Now Adays For Giving You A Fake Guarantee About Pimple Free Skin, Which Are Much Expensive Than Your Budget. Some Products Provide You An Extreme Cause Of Skin Rashes While Other Gives You Un-neseccery Patches On Your Skin.

To Look Healthy And Fresh You Have To Focus On Your Diet First. No Creams Or No Treatments Can Give You The Clearer Skin Without Your Proper Diet.

Pimples Are Caused By Oil Occur On Your Face And Clog Your Pores By Which All The Dirt Escape In Your Skin And That Dirt Turns Into A Form Of Pimples. To Treat Those Pimples You Should Have To Control On Your Diet, Do not Take Any Type Of Fatty Foods, Try To Eat Some Green Vegetables Like Spinach, Cucumber,
Mint And Peas: They All Are Full Of Iron Which Makes Blood And Gives You Fresh Skin.

Water Is The Main Source To Get Rid Of Pimples Or Any Skin Problems Easily. Take A Glass Of luke Warm Water Every Morning In Your Empty Stomach, This Will Helps You To Detoxify Your Skin Internally. Make Sure To Get Enough Water Of 8 To 12 Glass Daily.
Now Go For Some Natural Remedies, These Remedies Have No SideEffect And Yes They Are Less Expensive Too. Always Try Some DIY Remedies First To Treat Your Skin Problems Naturally Without Any Chemical Products.

Remedy #1 4 Drops Of HydrogenPeroxide, 1 Whole Lemon, 3 Drops Of Glycerin And 2tbsp Of Any Powdered Milk. Mix All The Ingredients Nicely It Will Turn Into A Paste Form. Then Apply It On Your Face For 20 mins, Wash Off With Cold Water. Use It Once A Week and Prepare Fresh Paste Everytime.

Remedy #2 4 tbsp Lemon Drops, 2 tbsp Yogurt, 4 tbsp Honey And 1 Egg White. Apply This Mixture For At least 15-20mins And WashOff With Cold Water,  Use It Twice A Week  And You Will Surely Amazed By The Giving Result.

Remedy #3 2tbsp Honey, 2tbsp Lemon Drops, 2tbsp Fuller Earth ( Multani mitti) Powder And Rose Water. Apply This Paste All Over Your Face And Leave It To 25mins Then Wash Off With Cold Water, Use It Twice A Week.

You Can Directly Apply An Ice Cube On Your Face By Rubbing It Gently, It Will Helps To Close Your Pores And Gives You A Tighten Fresh Look.

Having Pimples Is The Worst Nightmare For Any One From Teenager To Adult. These Remedies Are Effective To Both Male And Female. Get Ready To Glow Up Your Skin In Just 8 Weeks.