Review about Saeed Ghani Instant Massage

Yes, my fellows! This is an instant whitening massage, having tired of getting dull skin every day? Feeling stressful for those expensive salon's treatment? Take a deep breath and have a look at this product saeed Ghani whitening massage! Yes, saeed Ghani is the only herbal company which provides you amazing beauty products, just what u need. I have my own experience, I am using their products since my teenage ( well yeah I am 28 now,). So let's come for the review about this product.

Massage over your face and body with a smooth and circular motion, do focus on rough and dry areas to soften your skin. Well I recommend this product to dry skin people, dry skin needs more attention and this product is perfect for them. But if you have an oily skin then use it in winters. In winters our skin needs more nourishing ingredient by which we heal our damaged skin. It is a general massager for both face and body, it gives your skin a healthier and smoother looking complexion, it has herbal extracts which treat your skin naturally without any chemicals.
This paste can clean your pores and gives you a fairer look. Open pores are the main reason for skin damage, you have to clean your pores daily to get rid of those skin problems. I love this paste because it is not like sticky or gel type, it is actually a clay mask, you can use it as a face wash by just applying a thick quantity on your face and massage for 5mins than rinse it off. Use it as a face pack by adding rose water to make a thin paste and apply on your face and neck, leave it to 15-20min than rinse it off by rubbing your face in anti-clockwise.

Give this product a must try ladies, iam sure you will love it like i do 😉😘  !!Thank you!!


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