How To Improve Memory?

You can be succeeded in to get effective learning, but firstly you have to be able to give all the attention to the things you are trying to learn or memorize.


Yes, reading is the first step to learn something and for that, you have to read your textbooks, maybe some of your academic articles and journals can be expanded your way of understanding. Always try to make shorter notes specifically for yourself and must read them once a time. 


Secondly, always remember that when u listen to something u can memorize it better instead of watching or writing. Listen the topic's audio and then write down the important keywords in which they mentioned it in their topic and note those unique keywords which are helpful for you to get a better understanding of your subject. 


Make sure to write your own notes which you have read it in the textbooks. Questioning something related to the topic and answer it later, do it for yourself this will help you to understand the basics of the subject u learned. Though these questions can be from your books or possibly from your thinking, maybe you think that this kind of question will come in the exam, SO JUST WRITE IT and create an answer for it too. This would be another step to make u learning and understanding better about the topic or subject. 


Read or learn your topic as loud as you can BUT DO NOT SCREAM.This will help your brain to memorize the things you read it. However! teaching is the best way to learn or understand something, u just have to teach that topic to someone else by which u can learn it in a better way.


By doing mind mapping you can memorize your subject as a diagram which can help you to remember the things easily. You just simply make a diagram and intentionally create blanks to fill it later by yourself. You can also be discussing the subject in a detailed way by only pointing the key headings on the map. 


Testing yourself is a good way to learn something. You can use your previous exams papers for gaining the knowledge about the format and structure of the exam. This will help you to get prepared yourself on the day of the exam to solve the things quickly and easily. Thus, you can get questions from your books or make your own questions, that would be great for your memory to memorize that subject clearly.


Yes! you have seen that quote: " Practice makes you perfect". Practice as much until you memorized the things which are mention in your subject or topic. Practice is to improve your memory and get back all the information that you have learned from. Try to use a different format for better learning.


Fill your stomach well to learn the things better. Your brain has a link to your appetite, eat properly to increase the level of learning. A study has shown that people learn better when they are fully fed. How frequently you can eat is create a positive impact on your energy levels. If find yourself unable to concentrate the topic, just grab something to eat.