How To Maintain Curly Hairs


  1. Always use your fingers instead of a comb to properly distribute products while you cleansing your hairs. 
  2. Do not try to tie your hairs on top of your head while washing because it may create a complicated mess. 
  3. Try to use a wide comb to detangle your wet hairs. Fingers would be great too. 
  4. Do not ever try to use thin tooth combs, it may cause breakage and pain while detangling your hairs.
  5. Daily shampooing is not a good habit. Try to wash your curls with plain water instead of shampoo. If you have to wash your hair frequently then it is better for you to use plain water.
  6. Again I would like to say this that does not use shampoo daily. 
  7. Treat your curls gently when they are completely dry. They become more sensitive to dryness. 
  8. Avoid using brushing or touching your dry curls intentionally. It will create fizz in your hairs.
  9. Choose those hair products which are sulfate-free and silicone-free.
  10. Sulfate hair products can easily be a cause of more dryness and damaging your hair.
  11. Look for some heat protecting products for your curls.
  12. Do not overheat your hairs. It may cause scalp damaging and make your curls drier.
  13. Never go for heating your curls on daily basis. Always give a break to get your hair's oil back on your scalp to prevent hair loss and damage. 


1. Square Nylon Paddle Brush > for long locks

2. Bristled Paddle Brush > for fine or thick hairs 

3. Rat Tail Comb > the part perfector 

4. Round Metal Brush > for a faster blowout

5. BackCombing Brush > for extreme volume

6. Wide Tooth Comb > the perfect detangler

7. Round Nylon Paddle Brush > the multitasker

8. Bristled Round Brush > for a perfect blowout


1. Type 2 -- Wavy:
  • 2A > slight waves
  • 2B > soft waves
  • 2C > defined waves
2. Type 3 -- Curly:
  • 3A > classic curls
  • 3B > spiral curls
  • 3C > corkscrews
3. Type 4 -- Kinky:
  • 4A > slightly coiled
  • 4B > kinky
  • 4C > super kinky


  • Coconut oil ( best for hair growth )
  • Almond oil ( best for split ends )
  • Argan oil ( best for stronger hair )
  • Amla oil ( best for natural dye )
  • Grapeseed oil ( helps to moisturize the scalp )
  • Castor oil ( treatment for hair loss )
  • Jojoba oil ( helps to strengthen the scalp )
  • Olive oil ( helps to reduce frizz )
  • Macadamia oil ( prevent hair damage )
  • Avocado oil ( best for dandruff )
" Always treat your hairs softly and gently. Proper condiotioning can helps to prevent breakage and splitends. Eat healthy to look healthy.!"