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New Cancer Vaccine Is In The Town:

Yes! this cancer vaccine is actually a type of injection which can easily treat the disease. This will also help to give the long and lasting immunity against the diseases. Basically, this vaccine is created to stop the cancer cells from coming back. It will also be very useful to easily destroy the cancer cells inside the body. 
By the help of " cancer vaccine ", many lives can be saved from expensive and longer treatment. Although, the vaccine is similar to immunotherapy and it has combination agents of two. These agents will help to activate immune cells in the body to further fight cancer, and these cells called T cells. 
However, T cells recognize cancer cells as unusual or abnormal and attack them faster. Though, if the tumor grows, it defeats the action of T cells by which these cells can not able to combat cancer. 

Can Cancer Vaccine Be Used In Future? 

 According to the research, this vaccine injected directly into the tumor affected mice and the results are successful. Scientists at Stanford University School Of Medicine have revealed the possible treatment to boost up the immunity system with the help of two agents. Though the human trial in Lymphoma patients is now started, and will soon available in the future. The cancer researchers have also found that this vaccine will also work wonder on those type of untreated cancer. 
However, around 87 out of 90 mice were totally healed. Cancer vaccine injects into the one tumor only but the good news is that both tumors were destroyed. Though the remaining 3 mice had a recurrence of the Lymphoma, and they also cleared up later the second treatment. 
Also, this vaccine very effective on mice genetically engineered to develop breast cancer. Some researchers have also be shown that:
  • This vaccine will be treating the first tumor usually, but not always
  • Stopped the recurrence of tumors
  • Developed the animal's lifespan.
The researchers also tested with both Lymphoma and colon cancer in the mice, the Lymphoma has vanished but colon not. So, this shows that T cells in the tumor are special to that kind of tumor, well the treatment is not without defects.  

Is Human Trial Expecting At The End Of This Year?

YES! The human trial is still initiated and expects that almost 35 patient with Lymphoma will be tested first in this year of 2018. If the vaccine proves effective then it will probably be used in the future to cure the tumor. 
 According to a researcher Levy, she said that "I don't think so there is a purpose to the kind of tumor we could possibly treat, as long as it has been infiltrated by the immune system". Other researchers also believe that vaccine will help to stop the tumor if it's already been spread in the different parts of the body. 
Hence, at last, a Dr. Police Alice whom is a regional director of Breast Surgery in Westchester, New York. She was actually not involved in the study of cancer vaccine claimed that the human trial is exciting for her. Also, she advises that mostly animals study results won't affect humans. 
Cancer Vaccine research was first published in the journal of Science Translation Medicine.