Epic Game Fortnite Battle Royale | signup details |

Finally! Developer Epic Games now launched the signup details to the users of ios and has to announced the mobile version of fortnite battle royale. What you have to do is just signup here at download mobile version to get your mobile version of this epic game.
A powerful internet connection is the main key for you to enjoy this game on your devices. This version is announced only for ios users. Though some of the mentions Apple products are available to get this version on their devices includes:
  • iPhone 6S/SE
  • iPad mini 4
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad air 2
  • or any Apple products which were launch in 2017
  • iPhone 7+ 
Just grab the chance to enjoy this Epic game on your devices. You may also have to submit your email id to Epic for further chances to win the lottery. Then the developer epic games will send a confirmation email to some of the lucky people who will be able to start and playing the game. 

Update For Andriod Users:

Andriod users will also get a chance to activate this version on their devices in the coming days. Though Epic launched this version only for Apple users. But developer confirmed that they will announce the second date for Andriod users soon. 
Already receives thousands of positive feedbacks related to game controller and speed. The maker of the Epic games also declares that this version is also like the same version of games which will be played on last fall. However, the same updates and notifications will be applied on the mobile app too. 
Meanwhile, Fortnite is set in modern Earth. Where the unexpected presence of a global storm affects 98 percent of the world's community to escape. And zombie-like monsters begin to invade the remains. Thought by Epic as a mixture of Minecraft and Left 4 Dead. Fortnite holds up to four players sharing on multiple commissions on randomly-generated maps to gather sources. Increase barriers to defensive goals that are expected to help combat the storm and guard survivors, and build weaponry and traps to involve in combat with flows of these monsters that attempt to destroy the objectives find all the major details by clicking this up.