Faze Rain | Bio, Facts, Lifestyle, And Career |

Net Worth: $2Million
Real Name: Nordion Shat
Profession: Gamer/YouTuber
Date Of Birth: 29-May-1996
Channel Name: TrickShotting
Subscribers: 5Millions
Family: Parents And Three Siblings
Spouse:    Taylor
Children:   N/A
Place Of Living: Toronto

Who Is Faze Rain?

A professional gamer and a YouTuber who just posts many video games which are related contents to his YouTube channels TrickShotting and OMFGRain. He is also a member of the FaZe Clan. Although his youtube channel TrickShotting has actually earned a minimum of 5 million subscribers and not just this, he is getting around more than 962 million views now. His net worth is almost dollar 2 million which is considered the best achievement of his life.

Early Life:

Nordion Shat is the real name of faze and his birth date is on the 29th of May 1996, born in Toronto. He was lonely and broken In his childhood because his parents get separated when he was too little.  He wants to quit his life at that time but now he is an internet celebrity and a millionaire at the very young age. Who could believe that this person wants to quit his life just because of his broken home? He made himself that much able to turn back to the life after all the traumatic situations. Now he just becomes one of the best players till now who are much active in that game named as ‘Call Of Duty’. He is also one of the members of the so-called ‘Faze Clan’.


Grown with a sister support. He also featured his girlfriend name Taylor in his video which was titled as "MEET MY GIRLFRIEND" and the video launched in December 2014. But he broke up with her now, starting in 2016.


FaZe Rain started his YouTube channel on Dec 28, 2010, and cross the almost 1,000,000 subscribers on Oct 18. Then further he crossed the subscribers and hit 2,000,000 subscribers on Aug 20. The crossing limits of his subscribers are still increasing day by day.  He just made up an alter-ego character which is called as Vape Lord Nord, in where he has seen wears a gown, sunglasses and a hat facing forwards and takes in and out vape from a vaper.But Faze does not play the call of duty as much as he used to play and by which his net worth can cross from dollar 2 million too much more.