HFMD-Symptoms And Treatment

Basic Facts About HFMD

HFMD means Hand-Foot-And-Mouth Disease, which is mainly a common viral disease. It is mostly located in China and United States. Though, China has discovered a vaccine for it called EV71 vaccine which is only available in China since 2015. The United States further failed to invent an HFMD vaccine and still, they have no cure for the disease.
However, this is a contagious disease which will also be transmitted as well. The first HFMD was infected almost 1.5million people in TAIWAN in 1998 and the total death reports were about 78 children. This death disasters continued and targeted next to CHINA in 2008 where infected people were about 25,000 in which 42 were reported to death.
In April 2008, Singapore was also attacked by this disease and in the results was about 65 deaths. The list of this disease will never end and the fact is it's still going on and infected many peoples. Although this disease may develop due to a bunch of viruses.
According to a research, almost 90+ cases were found last year in 2017 in which 45 people died. Scientists still not able to find the actual cause or reason to prevent this disease in future. Still, there is no vaccine such type of treatment available in any country except China.

Causes Of HFMD

1. Coxsackievirus A16

Coxsackievirus can deliver large-scale types of symptoms. Nearly half of all children with a virus have zero symptoms. Suddenly others notice a high fever, migraine, and muscle pains, and some also get a feeling of a sore throat, abdominal distress, or nausea. A child with a coxsackievirus infection may only feel hot but have no extra symptoms. In most children, the fever remains about 3 days, then goes.
Although, a type of coxsackievirus symptoms, causes severe red blisters which can only be seen in the throat area or upon the tongue. Gums, under the area of the cheeks, and also the palms of hands and in both soles of the feet can also be covered by the blisters.

2. Enterovirus 71

Enterovirus 71 is known as a one of a wide family of viruses which produce in the human gastrointestinal tract (gut). This infection can cause sickness extending from mild to serious life-threatening difficulties. Records of this infection happen from time to time in Australia.
Well, The virus is later taken in by the mouth. It's spreading also happens by the connection by the saliva, nasal mucus or sputum (phlegm) of an infected person. In people with HFMD, close contact with fluid from blisters on the infected person can also be the cause of spread the virus.

Symptoms Of HFMD

  • High fever
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Headaches
  • Muscle pains
  • Tiredness
  • Abdominal difficulty
  • Loss of hunger
  • Irritations in children/infants
  • Skin rash
  • Blister type of spots
  • Itchiness
  • Pain in facial lesions
  • Feeling unwell
  • Bleeding into the lungs
  • Fluids in the lungs
The symptoms may start visibly after 3 - 6days of when the person got attacked by the infection. Though usually, the skin rashes fade away after a week or so, the loss of fingernails and toenails will regrow after two or three weeks. It's not necessary that these symptoms should appear, sometimes an infected person has no symptoms at all but still he is infected by the HFMD.

Diagnosis And Treatment Of HFMD

Oftenly, the diagnosis should be based on the person's symptoms and signs. Although, a test of person's stool may help the doctors to find out the infection. This virus is spread over close or direct contact with an infected person, sometimes from coughing, or a waste of that infected person.
However, this is a transmission disease which can easily be transmitted by human saliva or nasal mucus. The most common and HFMD infected places are child care settings and kindergarten in where the children get affected by the disease easily.
HFMD is a viral disease so it doesn't need any medication process because it can resolve it on its own. Honestly, there is no such special treatment available now in 2018 because viral diseases are considered as a normal illness. Although some of the pain relief medicine should be used to prevent further pain and discomfort. Medicines like analgesic medications prescribed by many doctors to the patients.
A lukewarm bath can actually help the infected person to soothe the pain and irritation of the blisters. Patients should immediately start to take fever-reducing medicine for further complications. In many cases, people get hospitalized for several days due to inflammation of the brain and a feeling of paralyzed.
Professionals always take a test first then prescribed you any medicinal treatment by the appearance of your symptoms.

Q. What Is The Prevention Of HFMD?

  • A person should have to avoid any close contacts with an infected person
  • Keep clean your utensils
  • Do properly hand hygiene
  • Proper hand washing
  • Breastfeeding

Q. What Are The Complications Of HFMD?

Some of the viral diseases actually need a proper medicinal treatment if the case becomes severe. In HFMD, people may be experienced some kind of cardiac complications which caused to death. If a patient goes through low fever, back pain then it usually fades away naturally without any treatment.
Although, some of the main complications in HFMD include:
  • Brain swelling
  • Flaccid paralysis
  • Loss of finger and toenails
  • Dehydration. 


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