Natural Ways To Cure Thalassemia Disease

Is Thalassemia Disease A Genetic Disorder?

Yes! Thalassemia is basically a blood disorder disease which is given to you by your parents. People who are suffering from this disease will be living having an abnormal hemoglobin. Although, hemoglobin plays a very important role to develop healthy red blood cells inside the body. Thalassemia disease is one of the common disorder nowadays. If only one of the parent has Thalassemia issue then it is possible to 89 percent that children will also get the effect of it. However, it gets stronger to 100 percent if both of the parents have this disease.
Many researchers said that Thalassemia disease is mainly common in Chinese, Asian, African, Middle Eastern, and Midetterian families. People nowadays going through a proper blood test which is known as hemoglobin electrophoresis to find out the disease consistency in their bodies. Though Thalassemia is not a catching disease and it is not transferred to close contacts.
People have born with this disease, they have no choice on it. Although, hemoglobin is the main key to supervise our body internally. If someone has a problem with their hemoglobin then they should have to concern it first. However, people who are suffering from this Thalassemia disease will lead to a condition of Anemia and in this, they will face a huge reduction in their red blood cells.

Symptoms Of Thalassemia:

Thalassemia is a genetic disorder disease and it will lead to a serious condition. People with this disease have low chances of symptoms visibility, but it can expose to in their adulthood. Although, Thalassemia symptoms are less recognizable yet some of the major symptoms include:
  • Thalassemia sufferers having a problem with Dark urine
  • Those people may also suffer from growth development or they may face a delay in their growth
  • People also experience a kind of fatigue 
  • They also feel tiredness all the time
  • Thalassemia people's skin will turn into a pale or yellowish skin
  • People also complained about having a bone deformities  

Natural Ways To Cure Thalassemia:

Cure the disease naturally is one of the best and safest ways till now. Thalassemia can be treated well by medically but Doctors are also encouraging the patients to treat the disease naturally. Although, a proper healthy diet can also play a varied role to treat many genetic diseases like Thalassemia. Encourage yourself to live a healthy balanced life to get rid of Thalassemia as soon as possible. There are many natural ways to treat Thalassemia and some of them are mention below:

1. A healthy diet

Try to eat a healthy balanced diet full of nutrition which will help to boost up the energy. A nutrition diet will help to make the bones stronger and fill up the excess deficiency of calcium/vitamins. Although, your doctor may better advise you about the intake amount of foods and supplements.

2. Folic acid supplement

Doctors may also prescribe you to consume folic acid because it may help the body to develop more healthy red blood cells. Thalassemia patients should eat this supplement daily or as their doctor prescribed them to balance the disease factors. Folic acid contains a great amount of vitamin B which helps to re-create red blood cells in the body. Although, try to consume more foods which are rich in folic acid like
  • Green leafy herbs
  • Nettle leaf
  • Red clover leaves
  • Oatsraw 

3. Vaccines

Thalassemia patients need to have hepatitis B and Flu shots to prevent any type of infections. Patients should have to protect themselves from infectious people, it may lead to severe damage. Thalassemia disease may also get worse if its attacks by seasonal bacterias or infections. Consult the doctor first if you have suffered from high fever or flu in Thalassemia disease.

4. Herbs [ which are high in zinc ]

Zinc is very important to the body's immune system. Thalassemia patients advised consuming plenty amount of foods rich in zinc to develop the metabolism fast. Herbs are the best way to complete the deficiency of zinc in Thalassemia patients and those herbs are,
  • Rose hips
  • Alfalfa
  • Nettle 
  • Parsley
  • Dandelion
  • Burdock root
  • Chickweed

Diet For Thalassemia Patients:

  • Foods which are rich in calcium are the first prescribed by doctors to Thalassemia patients. Calcium can help the bones to get stronger and also strengthen the skeletal system of the entire body. 
  • Vitamin D diet is another way to treat the disease safely, try to consume more foods high in vitamin D because it helps the body to cover up the deficiency of red blood cells.
  • Rich foods with folic acid are also the best diet for Thalassemia patients. High rich folic acid foods include, 
  1. Lentils
  2. Egg yolk
  3. Sweet potato
  4. Bananas
  5. Brussel sprouts
  6. Dried beans
  7. Nuts
  8. Peaches
  • Milk can also help to ensure the needs of calcium in the body. Drink one or nearly two glass of milk every day can also create a great impact on the health of Thalassemia patients. However, yot, butter, and cheese are also used as an alternative to the milk 
  • Ginger has a property of immune booster which is also good for the health of Thalassemia patients 
  • Having lemonade can also help the patient to recover from the symptoms of Thalassemia           
  • Also, homeopathic therapies can also be beneficial to the patients because these therapies contain herbal treatment which helps to cure the Thalassemia.


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