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Q: Why Is Tea Good For You?

TEA especially green tea is very good and beneficial for our health. It is although the best way to full fill the requirement of fluid in the body. Many researchers also said that the tea can actually make your teeth stronger and keeps the heart pulse better. It is also good for the cancer patients because they need much fluid intake than normal people. Basically, we have stuck in between the thought of which type of tea suits us better? Whenever you ask this question, everyone would say that the best tea is Green Tea because it has less caffeine than coffee or normal tea.  Why is tea better than coffee? some of the reasons are mention below:

Antioxidants Tea:

Tea which contains antioxidant properties is the best one to get it. Antioxidant helps to keep the body younger and fresher and protect the body from pollution. Find to get those teas which have enough of antioxidant properties.

Tea Has Less Caffeine:

Yes! Herbal teas have no zero caffeine and that is the benefit to drinking herbal/green tea rather than coffee or normal tea. Herbal/green tea could not affect your nervous system like coffee did. In herbal/green teas, chicory root tea is known as the best tea till now. Chicory root helps to reduce the body stress and it will boost up the energy without any caffeine.

Prevent Risk Of Heart Problems:

Surprisingly! A recent study of 2018 has shown that people who drink green tea daily faced around 20 percent of the reduction in heart strokes. And those who drink more than 4 cups of tea has 32 percent of the reduction in heart diseases. The study also claimed that herbal/green tea helps to reduce the blood pressure levels as well.

Help You In WeightLoss:

Gaining weight is one the worst nightmare for anyone including the male too. Those herbal/green teas are the first and easy option for those who want to reduce their weight naturally. Green tea can actually have no side-effects and that why people prefer it more instead of coffee.

Tea Helps To Protect Bones:

A recent animal study has shown that green tea can prevent bone loss. There is a plant in South Asia which is called as Moringa is full of calcium and vitamin A which helps to protect the bones. Moringa tea is available in the stores to help you prevent bone damages.

Boost The Immune System:

A body's immune system is the main key to functionalize the body properly. If the immune system is not good then the whole body will suffer the effects on different areas of the body. A study also claimed that the power of green tea can boost up the immune system faster. Although these two main teas Holy basil and Tulsi are used since ages to build up the immune system.

Combat Cancer Bacteria:

Green tea is made from plants and herbs that is why it is much beneficial to patients with diseases like cancer. Specialists also said that if someone wants to prevent him/her from diseases like cancer than he/she start to drink tea as much as possible.

Tea Has No Calories:

Tea is like a water or you may say that tea is an alternative to water. Tea contains zero calories which means you may drink as many you want without any fear of calories. You have many options with flavors or hot/cold. You keep yourself hydrated with full of flavors and tastes.

Q. Is It Bad To Drink Tea Daily?

Well NO. Absolutely no.
  • Consume herbal/green tea on daily basis should give your entire body health with inner and outer.
  • It contains no sugar which means no calories and diabetes.
  • Tea is free of caffeine which means you can consume daily without any health issues. 
  • It has antioxidant properties which help the body to balance the weight.
  • Normally you can drink 4 cups of green tea daily.
  • Tea can also help you to prevent the diseases like ovarian cancer and heart strokes.
  • Green tea is actually an easy cure for acne and pimples.

 Q. What Is The Health Benefits Of Tea?

Tea like green tea is directly linked to our health. Teas are made from all natural herbs which provide you only goods despite bad things. However, green tea develops the balance amount of digestive system by which our body feels good and stays fresh. It helps to reduce the risk of
  • Heart strokes/attacks
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Blood pressure
  • Cholesterol
Although, It helps to build up the immune system and provide the high amount of energy to the body. It also helps to maintain your focus on things, and provide a better concentration. You can stay hydrated as long as you drink green tea in a day. Drinking green tea on daily basis can actually help the person to reduce the weight fast and safely.