Top 3 Best Mechanical Wireless Keyboards

Why Choose A Wireless Mechanical Keyboard?  

 A wireless mechanical keyboard is basically a keyboard with attaching NO WIRES. It means you do not have to sit or stay at one place, you can go where ever you want with this brand new WIRELESS MECHANICAL KEYBOARD.  A keyboard is a part of our computer and we have to use it the most. Not everyone can easily afford laptops, so for them, this WIRELESS keyboard is best for using at anywhere without any disturbance. Although, many people are demanding ” wireless mechanical keyboard” despite the old one.
Why they go for a mechanical keyboard? The answer is that mechanical keyboard is made from different mechanical switches which are lying inside each key. However, these wireless mechanical keyboards are same as the old keyboards but different in working.
Wireless mechanical keyboards are available with a various variety of switches. These keyboards are not like the old ones which are made from a type of rubber dome which is laying inside each key. The costumers are satisfied with having a “wireless mechanical keyboard”. Though, the old keyboards are very common to use especially those which are made from a mushy rubber.   

Awesome Speed Availability:

However! The wireless mechanical keyboard is best for those who are an addict to typing. Mechanical keyboards are a way to fast, and they can easily boost up your typing speed. The variety of switches can give you a sensation sound along with the click. This is the main feature of a mechanical keyboard that they provide you tactile and auditory click. This feature you can not find in any other keyboards. Although, wireless mechanical keyboards have buckling cause switches too, which use a source that deforms under pressure. They produce a powerful sound as well.   
Mechanical keyboards are highly demanded keyboards in today’s market. This keyboard basically gives attraction to the gamers, as they need to use the keyboard roughly. However, a mechanical keyboard is a blessing to those people who have to spend many of their time for typing or writing. A sensational feeling by pressing a key gives you complete verification that you pressed the accurate key. Mechanical keyboards especially used by the writers to recorrect their typing mistakes or errors.   
Well, wireless mechanical keyboards are not just normal keyboards. They bring some uniqueness and make your typing super easy. Let’s have a look at those few ”best wireless mechanical keyboards ” which are available on AMAZON: 

1. Rii18+ 2.4 GHz Mini Wireless Mechanical Keyboard With Touching Mouse:  


Riitex made great devices which are best for controlling and handy to use. Riitex now introduced this mini wireless mechanical keyboard with touch-pad. MINI? Yes, this keyboard is specially designed for gamers. The handy and super fast keyboard is what everyone must have to.
Though, Riitex is mainly supposed to supplied with cutting-edge wireless multifunctional keyboards. Riitex particularly makes policy as per as market niche, and that’s why it drives the field in development. A portable, and necessary wireless mechanical keyboard available for your any type of gaming system. Further, see the more information about this mini keyboard on AMAZON.   


This is a wonderful combo with USB interface adapter, which is best for lectures, sale manager, and presenter from within a 15′ radius it can make a perfect presentation and can operate PC with wirelessly. It can have the change slides and screen options. You can highlight words and any objects by using this wireless mini mechanical keyboard and mouse with a touchpad. 


  • 3in1 multifunction 2.4GHz mini wireless qwerty keyboard with touchpad.  
  • Combo LED-backlit.  
  • USB interface adapter. 
  •  92 keys wireless keyboard.  
  • The touchpad that supports multi-finger functions.    
  • Single click finger can drag like the rolling screen.  
  • A great combo device. 
  •  Built-in high sensitive smart touchpad.  
  • 360-degree flip design.  
  • Innovative shape  
  • Portable and elegant  
  • Perfectly used for PC, pad, Andriod TV box, Google TV box, Xbox360, PS3, HTPC/IPTV 


  • Operating range- 15 meters MAX without signals trouble and no direction end  
  • Frequency range- 2. 403GHz/ 2. 480GHz   
  • Operational voltage- 3.3v  
  • Charge voltage- 4.4v/5.25v  
  • Modulation- GFSK  
  • Channel- 78 channels TX  
  • Power- lesser than +5dBm  
  • Transmission rate- 1M bit/sec  
  • Frequency tolerance- +/-30ppm  
  • Power consumption- 55mA (on) 1mA ( off )  
  • Color availability- black 
  •  Battery- built-in lithium-ion battery  
  • Bluetooth- no  

 Product Buyer Guide:   

  • Always keep an eye on your product’s specification and features. This is a most important step for buyers to buy an original product with the original quality.   
  • Keys are the main thing of any keyboard, the old ones used rubber dome material which is hard to press and sometimes need force while pressing the key.  
  • New keyboards are come with no attach wires and made from mechanical switches.  
  • Keyboards also come up with different designs and support, choose your best to stay comfortable and can be used for a long time.  
  • Wireless mechanical keyboards are like laptop’s keyboard. That is easy to press and write.  
  • Some keyboards are curved designed layouts which provide a natural position to your hands. 



Ec Technology presents a unique cross-platform with this ultra-slim foldable wireless Bluetooth keyboard. Yes, the great combination of a foldable plus wireless keyboard is definitely a must to buy.  This wireless device can travel with you to anywhere. A Bluetooth supported device which gives you a benefit to enjoy your communication and creating your multitasking
platforms all in one place with this single wireless keyboard. Folding device which can easily be fit in your pocket gives you another satisfaction of having EC TECHNOLOGY FOLDABLE KEYBOARD. A normal keyboard gives you the tension of gripping keyboard through hands, but with this foldable device you can travel and communicate without any mess or disturbance. Bring it from your pocket and start typing, that’s what you need in this 21st century. 


A foldable Bluetooth wireless keyboard has a whisper-quiet and low profile keys give you a different new level of comfort especially to your fingers. The main quality is that you can manage your most useful functions and media control on it Hot dedicated keys. The structure of this device is made to type across 3 million times continuously without giving you any error or mistakes.
Though, it is good for typo masters who need to type more than normal bases. A mini and rechargeable device provides you above 60 hours of active usage time, just on a single charge. Automatic Bluetooth connected feature gives you an extra relief by just opening the folding keyboard and the Bluetooth device connected by itself. Press fn+ Bluetooth button for making the pair. However, EC TECHNOLOGY WIRELESS BLUETOOTH KEYBOARD is easily available on AMAZON, see more information at there related to more best wireless keyboards. 


  • Operating Voltage – 3.1-4.2V  
  • Power supply – Built-in 210mah rechargeable Li-polymer battery  
  • Effective usage – 80 hours  
  • Time closed size – 5.6″*3.6″*0.6″  
  • Time open size – 9.9″*3.5″*0.2″  
  • Wireless distance – 0-10m  
  • Weight – 350g  
  • Operating System – IOS/Andriod/windows  
  • Operating Current – <3.0mA 


  • Folding and fast Bluetooth keyboard,   
  • Pocket size,  
  • Sleek and slim design,  
  • Compatible with three major operating system: IOS/Andriod/Windows  
  • Supported Bluetooth devices,  
  • The material is made from Aircraft-grade aluminum for superior rigidity,  
  • An anodized matte process which creates a superb sense of touch,  
  • Lightweight of ( 0.4lb )   
  • Closed Size 5.8*3.6*0.7  
  • Open sized 9.9*3.5*0.2  
  • Battery standby time up to 120 days,   
  • Package includes EC Technology Foldable Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard with USB charging cable and user manual. 

 Product Buyer Guide:  

  • Normally wireless keyboards are hard to find but you can easily find it at a local office supply store and also at large chain stores.  
  • The best deals for wireless keyboard are mainly found in online.  
  • Through online, you can find many comforting deals which are not found at brick and mortar stores.  
  • An online marketplace like AMAZON gives return policy.  
  • The buyers should research the features of the product before going to buy them.  
  • You can search for any keyboard on AMAZON for further confirmation.  
  • At AMAZON try using keyword ” wireless keyboards” and your budget, all the products will come up easily for you to make an easy decision. 



Qwerkywriter features including industrial strength mechanical switches which gives a best clicky tactile feel ever. Although, Mechanical keyboards provide a perfect typing experience and yes the clicky feedback is way more satisfying and fun. It’s a guarantee, if you did not experience any mechanical keyboards then this Qwerkywriter is the best choice for you. Qwerkywriter is entirely made from metal top to bottom and gives the comfort feel and look that you just can’t get it in these days. Its excellent quality will make u melt to buy this wireless mechanical keyboard and start your fun.  


Those who spent lots of their time on computers and got bored with that old cheap keyboards material. Qwerkywriter inspired by typewriter wireless mechanical keyboard is for everyone who loves to type or want something fun and interesting in their lives. The quality and features are way more interesting than you think. The combination of Bluetooth and Wireless brings the best joy in your life. The round typewriter keycaps inspired by vintage with a concave surface and pouch type support are equally beautiful. Though this device is fun and great for doing some adventurous typing with the help of this 2in1 qwerkywriter typewriter.


  • Product dimension- 13*7*2.5″  
  • Item weight- 3 pounds  
  • Manufacturer- Qwerkytoys  
  • Manufacturer reference- Qwerkywriter1  
  • Batteries- 1 Lithium ion batteries required  
  • Available on AMAZON


  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity  
  • Made from Aluminum construction  
  • 83 Tactile “Clicky” mechanical switch ( 84 in UK keyboard )  
  • Built-in tablet stand ( fits up to 5/8″ thick tablets )  
  • Rechargeable Lithium Lon   
  • USB cable provider  
  • Typewriter inspired voltage keycaps  
  • Battery life up to 3 months  
  • Return bar default as entering   
  • Functions as a programmable key up to 5 characters  
  • Available in the US and UK layout only  
  • Dimension 13″*7″*2.5″ approx  
  • Weight is 3lbs  
  • 12 months warranty  

Product Buyer Guide:  

  • Wireless mechanical keyboards are much funnier than compare to normal old keyboards  
  • Choosing such keyboards which are using in fine switches.  
  • Check the quality and warranty  
  • Understand the basic logic of buying the product  
  • Make sure the product is made of metal and It has a brand name with it.  
  • Some keyboards are looking great but won’t satisfying you when you start typing 
  •  Mechanical keyboards are way better  
  • You may find them online on AMAZON  
  • Online items are much satisfying and accurate matching with the details  

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