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Yes! A professional blogger from India and a CEO of shoutmeloud.com. In a world of blogging, no one is here to tell me that they don't know him. A simple and caring guy whose age is just 29, or should I say this " a younger blogger".
Harsh completed his basic education at Laxman Public School in 2004 and received his degree in Engineering from Sharda University in 2008.  His wish was to become a professional blogger and just look at him now, he completed his dream so quickly. 
Harsh also worked with Convergys in India. A tragic scene from his life was a job refusal from Accenture, in the race of his own journey as a professional blogger. 
Harsh started blogging out of his love for learning & sharing his knowledge about blogging. Later in 2006, he became to know more about blogs and then he takes almost two years to begin his very first blog. 
At first, Harsh choose to be a part of  BlogSpot and after his success, he moved to WordPress with just two months. However, he actually proved us that how to become our own boss with the help of internet. 
Harsh also shared his own things and tips which he found out more possible for him. And that's how his desire dream ShoutMeLoud was headed in the world of blogging. 
Well, Harsh Agrawal was the one who actually explained the difference between blog and blogger. He is my admirer, yes! I started my own blogging career after reading his entire blogs here at shoutmeloud.com.

 What is a Blog?

A blog is basically a type of web page which needs a daily update. People express their feelings or their knowledge about something they want to share with everyone, so they started to write blogs. In simple words, a blog is another website like shoutmeloud.com. 

 What is a blogger?

Blogger is a person who writes on different topics and makes a blog with different niches likeMr. Harsh Agrawal, he is a blogger. 
Now let's come back to Mr.Harsh life. Harsh started his career in 2006 and became a well known successful blogger in such a short period. He also got an award “Entrepreneurship Award” from his own college. You can see in the pic below:
Harsh holding his first award
A young blogger till now, who managed to do lots of hard work to make the blog shoutmeloud.com famous and for this, he got an award which titled as "award-winning blog" for his very own website. 
 He has also another personal website known as Denharsh in which he shows wonderful blogs related to technology and blogging. 
Shoutmeloud.com is full of  Blogging, WordPress, Seo, Social media marketing, Email marketing, Video marketing, Affiliate marketing, Entrepreneurship, Lifehacks, Web-hosting, How to create a blog and make money online. Harsh hard work pays him now. 
His starting career was like you or me or as every other newbie who doesn't know how to write in English. But now just look at him, he is a famous younger millionaire blogger. 
 Want to know more about Harsh? click the link to know more details about Harsh.
"Blogging Is Not About Money, Its About Helping Others With The Knowledge That You Have"... 
Harsh With His Beautiful Wife


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