5 Ways To Improve Typing Speed In Just One Day

If you want to become successful in this online world then you have to focus on your typing speed. The way you type is a reflection of your business. If you want to be more professional then it is a necessity for you to have a great typing speed.
Also, in other words, a fast typing speed is a requirement to do online work. It will also save your lots of time which means more work in less time period. When your speed of writing is fast then it might be possible for you to complete your whole work within hours.
Everyday practice is essential for you, it doesn't take much time. You have to practice daily for further improvement in your typing speed. But it doesn’t mean that you go for those online typing tests. You can start your typing task by writing any kind of emails and send it to your friends and family, you can also post those emails on an online forum. This will also help you to increase your speed and learn some techniques too.

What Is Considered A Good Typing Speed?

Normally, a speed of 40 WPM (Words Per Minute) is considered as an average typing speed. Also, a normal speed should not be mixed with a "minimum speed" that some companies may use as a job requirement. A candidate must pass the stated minimum speed. You may also notice that some office jobs may have a higher minimum typing speed. This is the requirement that the standard "average" typing speed.
A typing speed above 40 WPM (Words Per Minute) is actually higher as compared to the average score, and above 100 WPM is normally considered a high speed (when it is completed with zero errors).
If you type faster but with mistakes then your speed is not worth it. You have to improve your skills on both speed and mistakes. Typing faster means nothing if there is no accuracy. Improving typing speed begins with the concentration on typing techniques and stopping the glances down at the keyboard. It also requires using the same keyboard to improve the fingers' muscle memory.
However, there are many plans are available online to help you with your typing problem. Most of them are free and others have their own policies like a signup process or packages.

Tips To Improve Typing Speed

  • Keyboards come in different shapes and styles. Including ergonomic designs by which you may feel more comfortable while typing. If you aren’t satisfied with your current keyboard or you may feel not improving in typing then you may want to test some ergonomic keyboards. You may notice a big change after using this one for once at least. 
  • Most keyboards come up with a fairly standard set-up. Many of them have different features or different layouts. Always go through to read the instructions or manual that includes with your keyboard. This will help you to know the basic points of the keyboard and the procedure to use keys and shortcuts properly. Once you have done to acknowledge the keys functions then create a visual layout in your mind to improve the typing speed. 
  • The most important step to increasing your typing speed is assuring that you put your fingers rightly on the keyboard. Put the pointer finger of your left hand on the “F” key and the same finger of your right hand on the “J” key. Those two keys normally have small lumps on their surface, so you can feel for them without actually looking at the keyboard. The other three fingers on your left hand should rest on the “A,” “S,” and “D” keys, while the other three fingers on your right hand should rest on the “K,” “L,” and “;” keys. Place your thumbs on the spacebar.
  • When you manage your fingers on the keyboard, curve them lightly, but keep your hands ease.
  • Make sure that your keyboard is placed exactly in front of your body.

Practice Makes You Perfect

One of the best ways to practice is to frequently type individual passages as much as you can. Just search random topics on the internet and start typing on your notepad and make a timer on your mobile for recording the result. You can find loads of passages online that are organized to improving your typing skills and speed.
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