Best Cities For Mental Health Care

Mental health mentors usually promote healthy practices, helping their patients with preventative steps. Here at infobyme, you will get all the basic information about every type of diseases and mental health care. We will get to know more health care programs and mental health ranking by country as well. In this blog, you will know about some major states with best mental health resources as well as which state has the best mental health services. 

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Best Cities For Mental Health Care:

A state with highest mental illness is common in the United States, hitting nearly one in four adults in a given year. Mental illnesses include:
  • Depression,
  • Schizophrenia,
  • Anxiety,
  • Eating disorders,
  • Autism,
  • Dementia
  • And many more...
However, critical mental illness is less common, affecting nearly 3 percent of the U.S. people. With the help of powerful treatment, almost 70 to 90 percent of people with signs of mental illness experience increased the quality of life. Here are best cities for mental health care include:

1. Fairbanks, Alaska:

With the study's fifth-best location quotient -- a metric that points to the actual demand for a mental health counselor, as a percentage of all other occupations -- Fairbanks narrowly secured the second spot. The first of two Alaska cities to crack the top five, Fairbanks-based mental health counselors earn an annual average salary of $53, 290, which turned out to be 21% higher than the study's average. Fairbanks, the least populous city among our top five. source no.1

2. Norway:

Norway, along with its Scandinavian counterparts, often comes close to the global quality of life rankings, and one reason is the health of its citizens. The country's healthcare system is free for children under 16, but adults must pay for services. The country spends more per person on healthcare than any other country on earth. source no.2

3. New Zealand:

New Zealand is one of the most active countries in the world, with the nation punching well above its weight in international sporting competitions. It has an average life expectancy of 81.6 years. source no.3

4. Belgium:

With an average age of 81.1, Belgium's life expectancy is just outside the world's top 20. The country has universal healthcare, but also requires mandatory health insurance for all citizens. source no.4

5. Germany:

Despite a love of beer and sausages, Germans are some of the world's healthiest people. The country's average life expectancy is 81. source no.5

6. Luxembourg:

Nestled between Belgium, France, and Germany, the wealthy nation of Luxembourg tops the Legatum Institute's health sub-index. The country's average life expectancy is 82. source no.6

7. Singapore:

Another small city-state to make the top of the Prosperity Index's health sub-index. Singapore's 5.6 million citizens have an average life expectancy of 83.1 years old. source no.7

8. Switzerland:

Rich, beautiful, and incredibly healthy. Switzerland has pretty much all anyone could want from a country. Its healthcare service is universal and is based upon the mandatory holding of health insurance by all citizens. source no.8

9. Qatar:

The best standards of health in the Middle East can be found in the wealthy nation of Qatar. The nation has recently taken steps to implement a universal healthcare system across the entire country. source no.9

10. The Netherlands:

In 2015 the Netherlands gained the number one spot at the top of the annual Euro health consumer index, which compares healthcare systems in Europe, scoring 916 of a maximum 1,000 points. source no.10

State Ranking Chart In Mental Health Care:

According to a new report, mental disorder and mental health services that ranks at the state level while revealing some surprises. Also, some lands with the cheapest rates of mental illness or mental disorder and material misuse are in the South, even though southern states also count low on standards of physical health.


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