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I have seen many students getting tensed and tired just when their exams are near. In this blog, you will be seeing some major tips on how to study for exams in less time. Students should have to study well for exams without forgetting a single line and this could be possible by "a quick revision". Yes! Just before 10 minutes of exams, you need to revise every important topic and their headlines.

Wonder why headlines? Because headlines play a very important role in your answer. When you giving your answer with proper and broad headlines then it will automatically look good in the eye of an examiner.

How To Study Effectively For Exams In A Short Time?

1. Arrange A Proper Study Area:


Yes! try to create a long and comfortable space for your study. Avoid getting too much stuff such as 
  • Extra notebooks
  • Large and heavy journals
  • Dropping so much extra pencils/pens
Make your study area be clean and fresh so your mind will stay fresh and help you to keep the things stay in your mind. 

2. Getting Help With Flow-charts Or Topic Related Diagrams:


When you draw a diagram or any kind of flowchart, it will help you to remember the things longer. At the beginning of a topic, ask yourself to write down everything you previously know about a topic and next highlight wherever the pauses lie. Closer to the exam, digest your revision notes into one-page charts. Making your views or thoughts down in this short format, so that it can help you to instantly recall everything you want to know through doing the exam.

3. Do Practice On Old Exams Question Papers:


Aah! I know how it hurts when you can't even remember your previous exam's papers. But if you really want to know how to study well and fast then you should follow this strategy of old exams. Just grab the previous old exam papers and try to renew it with your current exams questions. Fill the questions with correct answers, this will surely help you to study well for exams without forgetting.

4. Study In A Group Of Friends:


Well, do not make your time in doing waste of conversation. Group studies sometimes clear your vision and make you more concentrate on your topic. Gathered with 4 or 5 friends are enough, solving questions and answers with each other. Ask relevant true and false, this will help to remember the things completely without any doubt.

Follow Up These Rules To Study For Exams In Less Time





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