Causes And Treatment Of Underweight Dogs

Possible Causes Of Underweight Dogs:

When you think feeding a dog for three times a day is enough then no, you might be wrong. Dog's need extra to stay healthy and fit. Underweight dogs are not active enough to do some daily activities, which is really bad for their health. They are not humans, their growth and cells process is different from humans. Also, some other possible causes of underweight dogs are maybe:
  • You have recently adopted a dog, he/she definitely need some time to adjust. Feed him properly, give him your time, and don't forget to get a long refreshing walk with him. 
  • Your dog is experiencing a terrible illness or maybe recovering from an illness, are also the causes of underweight.
  • Your dog is moody, or maybe he is also a picky eater too, not getting enough nutrition are the main cause of seeing terrible weight loss in most of the dogs. 
  • Your dog doesn't like the feed you gave him to eat, try to make some change in his foods. 
However, underweight dogs are supposed to be weak and they may also suffer from lack of energy. In this case, it’s the owner responsibility to provide them the best food for underweight dogs. Though in order to provide them a nutritious diet only for those dogs who seem to be underweight. If your dog is underweight, you should see your pet doctors and discuss this issue directly.

How To Find Out That I Have An Underweight Dog?

The most common simple way is to check your dog's overall body. If you have doubt that you have an underweight dog or your dog is getting weak but you can easily see his ribs and pelvis sticking out, then they are probably overweight.

Although if your dog has rich in fur and it is hard to do a visual checkup, then simply check their ribs and pelvis. If there is no layer of tissue above their ribs and pelvis and you can easily feel their skeleton, so my friend your dogs are probably underweight. There are some other signs too, include:
  • Your dog’s coat will be tangled or dull or their grooming isn’t as accurate.
  • They will also face lack of energy, avoid exercise and any type of physical activity.
See the picture below carefully and recognize that whether you have an underweight dog or not?.

Foods For Underweight Dogs:

I have seen many people who are worried about their pet's health/life. They always complain about their foods and eating habit. I am also the owner of two " german shepherd dogs" and believe me, I am more concerned about their health rather than my own.

Whenever I feel like my dogs are getting weak or they don't spend their time in playing. I quickly make some changes in their foods. And this little effort can develop a huge change in their life or health. I love my dogs, the more they are healthy, the more I feel healthy.

However, whenever you feel some fishy things related to your pet's health, concentrate on their foods. Your dogs need some extra care and love with a touch of healthy foods.
  • Give them some foods that are high in calories, there are lots of foods that are designed for active, athletic or working dogs.
  • Important foods which are high in protein and fat pet foods are best.
  • Underweight pets should be eating foods that are around 30% protein and 20% fat if they’re eating dry kibble, or 7% protein and 5% fat, or higher, if you’re feeding a wet food.
  • Distribute your pet’s diet with short amounts of high-calorie supplemental preserved food or canned products made from 100% meat sources. These contain high protein and fat content, like 100% pheasant or bison, for example. They won’t say “complete and balanced” but rather “for alternate or supplemental use” because they’re not meant to replace a regular feeding.
  • Some moist foods may be lighter to digest so your pet may preserve more nutrients, and more importantly, these products tend to be more palatable and tempting to a pet who isn’t eating enough.

Discuss The Issue With Your Vet:

If you constantly feel about your pet is not regaining a healthy weight fast enough so it may be a time to switch them on a supplement. Add some supplements to their diet with vitamins. These supplements can help to store relevant nutrients at healthy levels while your pet recovers their energy. Talk to your vet about using a vitamin complex or multivitamin for pets.