How To Increase Website Traffic For Free With Less Bounce-Rate?


If you really want to earn some bucks through your website, you have to build up more audience. Some easy and useful tricks of my own experience get simply relieve you from: " not getting enough traffic " statement.

You can actually get traffic to your website free with just simple steps which I am going to be mention below. These steps can help you increase website traffic fast with lesser bounce-rate, that means you can earn enough dollars to fill up your daily needs. These tricks can help you to get instant website traffic in just days.

Though,  I always heard from my colleagues about "increase website traffic software", I do not agree with that. These kind of software are not worth having for. What I believe is " hard work ", the more you put efforts to make your website prominent, the more you get positive results.

10 Best Free Traffic Sites:

These sites are best to increase website traffic free, you just have to make a signup and that's all. These are some sites by which you can easily get instant traffic for free.
  • Reddit
  • StumbleUpon
  • Tumblr
  • Flipboard
  • Digg
  • Twitter
  • Vk
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google+ 

By making an account at there, you can get access to get traffic to your website for absolutely free. You just have to make a schedule about sharing your articles on a daily basis continuously. It needs little effort and time but this is really WORTH IT. You will get thousands of instant website traffic for your blog by which you can get more chances to rank higher in Google.

Social Traffic V/S Organic Trafic:

In my opinion, both are way more important to get a successful website or blog. Some of the common questions and their answers are written below to further know the exact difference between social traffic and organic traffic.

What is an organic traffic? 

A traffic which is comes from a search engine like google or bing. To get organic traffic, you need to make SEO proof posts.

Why is SEO important? 

To get instant potential traffic by which you can 80% chance to get 1st position in google rank page. The more you get a high ranking, the more you earn money through monetizing.

How to write SEO proof posts? 

By adding lots of high searching keywords, you can also get help by searching your main keyword in Lsigraph to find out more long tail keywords. Put those long tail keywords in your post to get more chances of high ranking.

What are the benefits of social traffic?

Social traffic is also very important to your website, but it is still not considered as important as organic traffic. If you want to get social traffic- you need to stay active on different social platforms to get high traffic instantly. You have to make a daily schedule to share your posts on these social sites to get more traffic in less time.

Let's make it clear, your traffic is related to the content you write. If you want to get more social traffic then SEO is not important for that. But if you want to get organic traffic then SEO is a must thing to do. Through organic traffic, you can get more income with the help of adsense or any any other monetizing company.

However, social traffic sometimes leaves a high bounce-rate which means your readers are not getting the thing you want, and that is because you write something about "marketing" but you did not do with an SEO writing then obviously you get social traffic more instead of organic. And social traffic audience wants some drama or entertainment type posts.

Hence, according to the experts: both social and organic traffic is important to your website to get a high ranking position in google index. I hope it may now clear your doubts, do comment and tell us about your experience, what is more better for you a social traffic or organic traffic??


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