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Diabetes is basically a disease, even it may usually happen through the genetic defects and that affects how the body uses glucose, this is actually the main type of sugar in the blood system. Glucose, which automatically comes from the meals we eat, and it is the major cause of the energy which is simply needed to feed the body. To utilize glucose, the body needs the hormone which is called insulin. But in diabetes people, the system would change its functions like the diabetic body either can't produce insulin or the insulin does not even work properly in the body like it should have to do it.

There are two types of diabetes which are:
  1. Type 1 Diabetes
  2. Type 2 Diabetes
However, both types have almost the same symptoms and their treatment might also be the same as well. (1)

Symptoms Of Diabetes In Children:

Here are some of the major diabetes in toddlers warning signs to look for:

Type 1 Diabetes In Children:

Do you know? that type 1 diabetes in children is a rare condition in which your child's body has no longer available to further produces an important hormone which is simply called (insulin). As insulin is very important for your child to at least survive. And for this, you should have to replace that missing insulin which your child's body needs the most. Type 1 diabetes in children mostly used to be recognized as juvenile diabetes or sometimes insulin-dependent diabetes. The examination of type 1 diabetes in children can be breaking or even able to be recognized first. Abruptly it takes you and your child to start learning about how to give injections or even according to his/her age, you both will have to learn how to monitor blood sugar. 

Type 1 diabetes in children needs constant and regular care. But improvements in blood sugar monitoring and insulin performance have developed the daily control of the condition. (2)
Also, in type 1 diabetes, the immune system hits the pancreas and even damages the cells that can help to make insulin in the body. (3)

Type 2 Diabetes In Children:

In Type 2 diabetes, however, the pancreas can still do their work and even to make insulin, but this time it is the body who doesn't respond to it correctly. (4)

Though, Type 2 diabetes can be a cause of many other serious health problems. That is why it is now become very important to know how to recognize the type 2 diabetes symptoms. Even the prediabetes can also develop the chance of heart disease, same like type 1 or type 2 diabetes. It is the time to further talk about this with your doctor and ask about how to precautionary measures you can easily take now to decreases the possible chance of developing type 2 diabetes and heart disease(5)

Diabetes Rates In Children:

Causes Of Diabetes In Children:

The specific cause of diabetes is still unknown. But according to the studies, family history and even the genetics facts easily seem to play an important role in diabetes. Also, those excess fats around the abdominal area and even inactivity can also be a cause of diabetes.

What is obvious is that people with type 2 diabetes don't even prepare glucose correctly anymore. As a result, sugar stores in the bloodstream rather than doing its routine job of feeding the cells that actually make up the body muscles and other important tissues. Maximum of the glucose in people's bodies actually grow from the food they consume. When food is absorbed or digested, sugar immediately enters the bloodstream. Transferring these unnecessary sugar from the bloodstream to the body's cells needs a hormone called (insulin).

Insulin begins from the pancreas, a gland placed behind the stomach area. The pancreas covers insulin into the bloodstream after eating something. As insulin flows, it provides sugar to enter the cells and further reduces the amount of sugar in the bloodstream. Since the blood sugar level going to drop, so does the flow of insulin from the pancreas.

Type 2 diabetes increases when the body becomes immune to insulin or when the pancreas quits to further making enough insulin which the body needs. The resulting increase of sugar in the bloodstream can even be the cause of life-threatening difficulties. (6)

Pediatric Endocrinologist Children's Hospital:

Children require to consult a pediatric endocrinologist if they have some of the serious problems like their growth, puberty, young diabetes or other hormonal complications. However, your child will be able to see pediatric endocrinologists with special kind of training in which the staff treating children of all ages and at different stages of growth. You will also have a full access to further get advanced treatments and symptomatic testing, including stimulation testing for growth and puberty disturbances. (7)
Although, pediatric endocrinologists diagnose and treat every kind of hormonal conditions that even include:

Primary Children's Hospital Diabetes Clinic:

We suggest you some of the top clinics for treating diabetes in children, that will be include:
  • American Diabetes Association:  They have many treatments to prevent and cure diabetes in children and even manage diabetes at the early stage. 
  • Intermountain Health Care:  is basically a free-standing children's hospital in which they providing a pure quality healthcare for children with complicated disorders and even injuries from over the United States.
  • Medical Home Portal:   They will give the best treatment to all the children and youth with unique health care needs (CYSHCN) and their families gain the best possible results for their health, well-being, and progress.
  • Health Care University Of Utah:  The system gives care for Utahns and citizens of five neighboring states in a referral area including more than 10 percent of the continental United States.
  • Norton Children:  Combining experts from Norton Children’s and the University of Louisville, the Wendy Novak Diabetes Center operates to give the best potential care for your child.


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